9 Jun 2016 Solving this dilemma is where Stremio comes in. Besides StreamFeed and Netflix, there is also Vodo, Juan Carlos Torrents, and Popcorn 

The biggest Stremio Addons hub on the internet! Find any Stremio addon ever published by a developer's hand! If you have your own addon, send a link and we will list it! I spent too much time copy pasting magnet links on stremio's search since the default juan carlos addon several times didn't have the video or it was in sd quality. Although I found plenty of movies with HD with the default juan carlos addon. level 1. 2 points · 3 years ago · edited 3 years ago. Thanks a lot! I could not reinstall Popcorn addon after uninstalling it. It was missing from Juan Carlos 2. Juan Carlos 2 is another addon that allows users to add torrent links from a variety of unofficial sources. It shares the same risks as the RARBG addon and Stremio users would be better served by one of the official addons listed above. These official addons allow you to support the people that made your favorite content 24/02/2020

RAR 1.0.0 Watch content from RARBG in Stremio This add-on has: Watch for FREE

6. Juan Carlos (The Original) Juan Carlos streams from torrent websites giving you free high-quality TV series, shows, movies and so on. This torrent website’s add-on is one of the best for Stremio with unlimited repositories and free streams. 7. Zooqle. This is also another add-on that streams TV shows, movies, etc that are very recent

Juan Carlos Addon. Juan Carlos Addon is a torrent based Addon which you can use to stream movies and TV shows directly from torrent sites. Furthermore, you can watch all of these movies for free. Juan Carlos user interface also easy to handle. PirateBay Addon. PirateBay Addon also torrents based Addon. By using this, you can watch favorite

24/12/2019 · Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos is a streaming website that’s been providing Movies and TV shows in various categories over the years for free of cost. As you may have guessed it, Juan Carlos is an addon that lets you watch content from the website on your Stremio. 12. Juan Carlos. The Juan Carlos Stremio add-on is community-based and is provided by the torrent website of the same name. This addon allows you to stream content from the torrenting website at no cost. You should, however, exercise caution when accessing this addon by using a VPN since torrent websites are used for distributing pirated 24/02/2020 · Juan Carlos 2 is the most popular Stremio addon. It allows you to stream movies, TV shows and media contents directly from the torrent website. It also offers plenty of copyright contents and hassle-free torrent streaming. There are a wide variety of entertainment option and a lot of free contents are available on Juan Carlos addon. Mixer Juan Carlos doit néanmoins faire face le 23 février 1981 à une tentative de coup d’Etat fomenté par des nostalgiques de la dictature franquiste. Le roi, bien décidé à ne pas céder aux